Buyer Beware
Seventeen Pools FRAUD
aka Kustom Container Pools
aka Swiss Coast Pools
aka Kurt Wittin (Witten)(Witton)
 "This [pool] poses a safety hazard for persons inside, or adjacent to, the pool."
  -Certified Nebraska Structural Engineer
Pool #1 - Structurally Unsound.  According to Kurt Wittin, this "normal" flexing
The pool interior was not properly prepped or primed.  After draining pool for the fall (only 4 months after getting pool), we discovered numerous rust spots.
Decking was untreated wood.  This is less than 6 months after getting the pool.  The wood is already warping and degrading
Pool was delivered with NO filtration system.  Kurt tried to convince us that the UV filter was the filtration system.  He did not know that it still needs a sand filter.
The wall is supposed to be straight.  The engineer said that total failure of this wall was eminent.  The green water was due to NO filter system being installed!
If you are considering a shipping container pool from Kurt Wittin Kustom Container Pools of Winnipeg, Canada, you should hear the story of a real customer of Kurt Wittin. Since 2016 we have sent Mr. Witton over $30k, we have had nothing but major issues with his integrity and his products. Pool #1 was declared as structurally unsafe by a local engineer (CLICK HERE for the letter) along with other issues such as it being shipped incomplete (no railing, no cover, no sand filter, and more). After months of chasing Mr. Wittin, he finally offered to replace the pool under warranty with "zero" cost to us. He spent several weeks texting us updates, even sending pictures and video of "our pool" only to find out later everything was a lie (texts/emails of him admitting this can be provided). Eventually the replacement pool arrived 6 weeks later than promised with a whole different set of issues. Just like the structural engineer, that was hired to inspect pool #1, Mr. Witton failed to pay the crane company $4800 to swap the pools, and we were forced to pay to avoid a lien on our home. The new pool had major plumbing issues which he failed to take care of and the liner coating blistered so severely the day after it arrived that it will require a complete sandblasting and replacement. In addition, the replacement pool was missing a set of stairs to get up to the deck, still missing a pool cover (which was paid for originally as an option), missing the railing which is required by law, and missing some upgrades he promised for the issues on pool #1. In all, this replacement that was supposed to cost us nothing has cost nearly $16,000 on top of what we originally paid for the pool. It has required hundreds of hours of extra work on our part. 
Here are pictures of the "new" pool (Pool #2) 1 year after owning it. Despite repeated promises from Kurt Wittin to take care of it, nothing has been done and the company that sprayed it won't warranty their work because they were never paid for ANY of the 10 pools that they sprayed for Kurt.
This is the very brief recap of the last 2 years dealing with Mr. Wittin. He has proven himself time and time again to be morally bankrupt in regards to telling the truth. He willfully lies just to appease you with no intent on following through on his promises. He hired the Omaha engineer to inspect the pool then stopped payment on the check he sent them in 2016. As of today, he still owes them. He fabricated wire confirmation emails to them and me on multiple occasions and later admitted he never sent the money. 
​ Since December 2018, Kurt Wittin has stopped doing business as Kustom Containers and briefly switched to Swiss Coast Pools and then changed to Seventeen Pools (17 Pools). He was evicted from his shop and most of the vendors that he has used have not been paid. As of mid 2019, we have identified over 20 victims that have either paid deposits and never received a pool or had major issues with the pool he supplied. All of our stories have the exact same patterns.   I've also been contacted by multiple vendors with home he used their services really heavy and then never paid them a dime.

If you do not mind dealing with a person who willfully lies to his customers (all documented), does not pay his vendors which puts you at risk of home-owners liens, and does not give you a complete pool, then skip this and make your purchase. If you value your hard earned money, enter your email address below and we will share the entire story of our experience dealing with Kurt Wittin.